Vaginal Steam

Vaginal Steam

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Yoni Steams also known as Vaginal Detoxes are an ancient practice used by various indigenous cultures to promote good health and wellness in women. This combination of herbs work to

- cleanse the inside and outside of the vagina and uterine wall

- remove toxins

- alleviate abdominal pains

- regenerate damaged tissues

- strengthen the uterus and pelvic floor muscles

- balance hormones

- remove waste that could otherwise cause cystic fibroids, tumors and cancers

- help heal hemorrhoids

- prevent vaginal odor

- promote tightness and wetness

- regulate menstrual cycles

- relieve heavy menstruation

- promote sexual satisfaction

- enhance libido and orgasm frequency,

- allow herbal medicine to easily enter the bloodstream

- align and balance the chakras- particularly the sacral chakra

- revamp stagnant energy

- remove disagreeable energy from our wombs and bodies

- promote relaxation, positivity and a sense wholeness by allowing a catharsis or purging of emotions on an energetic level.


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