Taper Candles Assorted Colors (10 pack)

Taper Candles Assorted Colors (10 pack)

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 RED- for workings involving power, vitality, energy, strength, passion, desire, grounding, root chakra work, and more.

ORANGE- for workings involving creativity, intuition, sexual healing, confidence, courage, enthusiasm, sacral chakra work & more.

YELLOW- for workings involving abundance, success, vitality, healing, wealth, joy, power, opportunities, confidence, solar plexus chakra work, and more.

GREEN- for workings involving abundance,, money, health, wealth, fertility, growth, physical healing, nature, new life, family, unconditional  & familial love, heart chakra work, and more.

BLUE- for workings involving peace, wisdom, meditation, kindness, calmness, stillness, patience, truthfulness, knowledge, throat chakra healing, and more.

INDIGO- for workings involving meditation, spiritual growth, clairvoiyance, connecting with the higher self, wisdom, knowledge, third eye chakra work, and more

PURPLE- for workings involving High John De Konker, divination, clairvoyance, transformation, spiritual insight, clarity, wealth, recognition, fame/royalty, astral projection, lucid dreaming & dream recall

PINK-  for workings involving love, fertility, purity, emotional healing, forgiveness, kindness, friendship, heart chakra work and more.

BLACK- for workings involving protection, banishment, shadow work, binding, uncrossing, reversing, absorbing illness/negative energy, transmutation, and more.

WHITE- for workings involving cleansing, purifying, workng with ancestors and spirit guides, protection, healing, unity, wholeness, transmutation, working with all chakras and more.

GOLD- for workings involving wealth, prosperity, success, purity, wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, divination.