Dandelion Root

Dandelion Root

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Names: Taraxacum officinale (meaning “The Official Remedy for Disorders.”) 

Form: Organic roots, dried, cut, sifted. 

Traditional Uses: Divination. Protection. Cleansing. Clarity. Memory Recall. Ease. 

Medicinal Uses: Used as diuretic. Used to stimulate digestion and appetite. Mild laxative, used to decongest liver & gallbladder and to increase bile production and secretion., easing constipation. Used as aide in fat digestion. Used to aid hepatic system. Alkalizer. Nutritive- used to provide nutrients. Used to strengthen kidney & liver. Anti-inflammatory. Used to relieve symptoms of PMS & menstruation ailments. Cleansing & detoxification of kidneys, liver, muscles, and blood. Used to heal skin conditions such as acne, hives and eczema. Used to treat rheumatic ailments. Used to treat fluid retention issues. 

Origin: Bulgaria

Energetics: Bitter. Cooling. Drying. 

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Air

Zodiac: Sagittarius 

Expression: "Masculine"

Safety: Do not overuse, especially over extended periods of time due to the possibility of over-stimulating the liver. Should not be used by those with biliary obstruction and/or biliary abscesses