Hibiscus Petals

Hibiscus Petals

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Names: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, Chinese Rose, Rose of Sharon, Sorrel 


Form: Organic petals, dried


Traditional Uses: Love, Romance, Attraction, Beauty, Marriage, Passion, Sensuality, Seduction Work. Heart healing & protection. 


Medicinal Uses: Used to support the heart and circulatory system. Used to reduce fevers and cool the body down. Digestive. Used to relieve stomach ailments, aches, and constipation. Used to help regulate high blood pressure and improve blood sugar levels. Used to support the urinary tract. Anti-bacterial. Anti-inflammatory. Used to relieve of hangover. Used to enhance mood. 


Origin: Egypt


Energetics: Cooling, Bitter, Sweet, Sour


Planet: Venus


Element: Water


Zodiac: Scorpio


Expression: "Feminine"