Good Juju Herbal Blends

Good Juju Herbal Blends

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LUCID Herbal Blend is intentionally created to:

- improve brain lateralization, helping the right & left hemispheres of the brain to work in harmony

- aid intelligence, focus & memory

- stimulate & strengthen what is called the crown chakra, ori, or spiritual head.

- improve meditation

- strengthen intuition

- promote lucid dreaming and dream recall

- calm the mind, body & spirit

- stimulate pleasant dreams, sexual satisfaction & emotional euphoria

- stimulate higher thought 

- stimulate heightened awareness & sensibility

 OG ROOTS Blend is intentionally created to provide protection, amplification, and empowerment. This blend consists of some of the most notable, potent, and powerful herbs in the Hoodoo tradition. NOT FOR INGESTION, INTERNAL CONSUMPTION OR TOPICAL USE. FOR WORKINGS & MOJOS ONLY! 


LOVE TO LOVE Herbal Blend is intentionally created to usher in Divine Love in all forms. Use it to increase self-love, draw love to you, heighten & transform existing love, and to connect with the gift of universal love that exists within and all around us.


PURIFY Herbal Blend is intentionally designed to purify our minds, hearts and spirits that we may be protected from all hurt, harm & danger. It is perfect for petitioning the ancestors & spirits when protection and purification are needed. 


For Tea: 1-2 tablespoons of each tea blend to about 1 liter of distilled/spring/alkaline water for average potency. For higher potency, use less water or more herbs. Combine water and tea blend in a pot or tea maker.. (You may put tea in a tea bag, tea ball, cheesecloth, etc.). Bring to a boil & allow boil for about 2 minutes. Reduce heat and allow tea to cool. Strain, if needed. Add honey, sweetener, or enjoy as is! 

For smoking: Grind herbs (with manual or electric grinder). You can roll it in papers, pack it in bowls, or vaporize it.

For smudging: Place blend on charcoal or an oil burner

For dream satchet: Wrap herbs in a cloth or place in a muslin tea bag and place under or beside your pillow.

For conjure: Consult your ancestors, elders & fellow workers.  

Shelf Life: Forever. Forever, ever? Forever, ever!


If you have any allergies, special requests, are on any blood-thinning prescription meds, or otherwise need a custom version, please make a note in the NOTES section at checkout so that we can customize your blend. Thanks!