The Conjure Collective

The Conjure Collective is a private community of African-American Hoodoo practitioners who are working to protect and preserve our Hoodoo Tradition in order to return the Authority, Heritage, Culture, Wealth, Wisdom, Knowledge & Sacredness of the Hoodoo Tradition to it’s rightful position, with its rightful holders— The African-American community. 

This group is meant to connect us to the ancestral roots of our Hoodoo Tradition, to help guide us and empower us to be the best spiritual workers and community members we can be to continue on the movement for liberation!

The Conjure Collective will come together in:

- Exploring Hoodoo Art & Literature + Engaging in Group Discussions. 

- Creating & Engaging in Group Rituals that serve to Protect, Uplift and Empower Our People, Our Collective Ancestors & Our Tradition.

- Attending Hoodoo Meet-Ups (Personal & Virtual)

- Asking Questions & Receiving Answers in a SAFE SPACE

- Sharing Our Journey & The Wisdom we receive while on it. 

- Supporting & Promoting each other

There will be a Screening Process to ensure that all Members are aligned with the purpose of this collective. There will be Codes of Conduct implemented to ensure that any sacred/secret information as well as the personal things we may share is protected and to ensure that this is always a safe & supportive space for everyone. There will be a limited number of members to keep this space personal and intimate. 

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please comment with your Name, Email & Phone Number and you will be emailed & texted a Conjure Collective Membership Application. All comments are private & cannot be seen by the public or other members. 

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