Shadow & Trauma Healing Workshop

Healing, accepting, and extending love to  the “negative” aspects of our being can empower us.. Being able to take accountability for ALL of who we are can be truly life-changing. By doing the internal work of consciously shedding light on our “dark side,” we can achieve a level of self-mastery that we’ve never known before. Being accountable for  our “negative” traits, our “flaws” and mistakes, weaknesses and “bad” behaviors is the only way to master them. T

o truly be in control of those thoughts, behaviors and feelings,  we must acknowledge them, and make peace with them. We must call them forth and address them by name and then deal with them accordingly. That is what we will be doing in this workshop. This is merely an introduction to the healing that you can undergo simply by facing yourself. If you move through this guide openly and honestly, you can come out empowered, enlightened, and one step closer to self-actualization.

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