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  • New Year, Old Ways: Celebrating New Years in the Hoodoo Tradition

      Happy Holy Days, family!  2020 is coming to a close and it’s been one hell of a decade this year! As we move into a new year, with hopes and pray...
  • White Baths for Hoodoos

    Peace family! Welcome to December, our final month in this wildly unforgettable year of 2020. With all that has been going on around us (and with...
  • High John The Conqueror!

    It’s Hoodoo Heritage Month & this Thursday, October 15th, we will be celebrating one of our most notable Hoodoo spirits, High John the Conquero...
  • The Hoodoo History of Gospel Music (Part 1)

    In Part 1, we discuss the origins of African-American Gospel music, tracing it back to our homelands in Africa and across the Atlantic to our homeland in America
  • We're Back & Better Than Ever!

    We have refined the way that Hoodoo & Good Juju Botanica operates. View our new procedures!
  • Happy Juneteenth!

    Juneteenth is a day of celebration and remembrance for African-Americans. Celebrated with parades, cookouts, and good ol southern soul food, the legacy of our ancestors is strengthened on June 19th, more and more each year as we reclaim our traditions and remember our heritage.
  • The Conjure Collective

    The Conjure Collective is a private community of African-American Hoodoo practitioners who are working to protect and preserve our Hoodoo Tradition...
  • Shadow & Trauma Healing Workshop

    Healing, accepting, and extending love to  the “negative” aspects of our being can empower us.. Being able to take accountability for ALL of who we...